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Metal manufacturing

Our Mission

At Northern Industrial Plating, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and robust builds. Northern Industrial Plating is a privately owned company that has been producing and maintaining hydraulic cylinders since its founding in 1973. Our company, which is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has established a solid reputation for providing top-notch products and services to a diverse clientele across many different industries, including mining, forestry, heavy machinery, oil and gas, construction, and agricultural. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including a complete machine shop, hydraulic valve repair, and zinc treatments.

Our Specialties

Seamless Solutions

At Northern Industrial Plating Ltd., our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives everything we do. Explore our comprehensive range of services designed to keep your company operating seamlessly.

Hydraulic Cylinder Services

Complete hydraulic cylinder overhaulCustom cylinder fabrication

Surface Treatments

Hard chroming Zinc and zinc dichromate plating

Machine Shop Facilities

Precision grindingHoningWelding

Quality Work

Attention to detailPrecision craftsmanship


Northern Industrial Plating specializes in zinc plating, also known as zinc electroplating or zinc galvanization. Our primary focus is on corrosion prevention. During this process, metal parts are immersed in a zinc solution and subjected to an electrical current, resulting in a protective, thin layer of zinc on the metal surface.

Only the best


Northern Industrial Plating provides all kinds of hydraulic cylinder service and repairs. Our skilled team swiftly remanufactures and returns your hydraulic cylinder, addressing issues ranging from leaking seals to complete rebuilds. Before commencing repairs, we conduct a thorough inspection, providing you with a repair price upon your approval.

Common Questions Answered

Yes, we proudly offer zinc plating and zinc dichromate plating. Our corrosion-resistant coatings serve industries across Saskatchewan, providing essential protection against environmental wear and tear. 

Hard chrome plating is a form of electroplating. Because of its hardness, capacity to reduce sliding wear, corrosion protection, and ability to prolong the life of metal parts, it is widely used as a surface coating.

Yes, we offer comprehensive repair services for hydraulic control valves. Our process includes:

    • Refitting various spools to match specific valve systems.
    • Rechroming spools when needed for surface restoration.
    • Precision honing to ensure a perfect fit within the valve body.
    • Fabricating new spools if the original ones are beyond repair.

No, we do not handle automotive parts.


Centuries of Collective Expertise


Crafting Excellence For 51 Years