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Enhancing surface quality and accuracy.

Hydraulic Repair

Precision hydraulics, reliable results.

Zinc Dichromate Plating

A shield against corrosion.

Hard Chrome Plating

Enhancing durability and functionality.
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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and Fabrication

Northern Industrial Plating provides all kinds of hydraulic cylinder service and repairs. Our skilled team swiftly remanufactures and returns your hydraulic cylinder, addressing issues ranging from leaking seals to complete rebuilds. Before commencing repairs, we conduct a thorough inspection, providing you with a repair price upon your approval.

As industry experts, we excel in repairing and fabricating hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of sectors, including construction, mining, forestry, and agriculture. Our highly skilled team adeptly handles cylinders from various equipment brands and can install custom seals when needed.


Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome plating is an electroplating technique that adds a layer of chromium to a surface to increase resistance to corrosion and wear, lower friction, and prolong the life of parts used in harsh operating conditions. Hard chroming in Saskatoon can be done on a large variety of materials, component sizes, and levels of complexity, making it a popular option for many commercial and industrial applications.

From heavy use, hydraulic cylinder rods, bearing fittings, and seal regions are often worn and damaged. A part that is no longer functional can be hard chrome plated and polished or ground back to OEM specifications. Multiple rounds of this technique can minimize equipment downtime along with substantial replacement expenses.

Time-Tested Approach

We use an electro-chemical bath to immerse a work piece in our hard chrome plating procedure. An electric current draws chromium metal from the chromic acid solution and applies it to the substrate. The end product is a well adherent layer of chromium that will increase the parts and components’ lifespan.

The workpiece is primed for optimal chrome adhesion prior to chroming. The work item is carefully cleaned, examined, any damage is corrected, and any existing chrome is removed. After pre-polishing the object to a uniform size it is then masked for full control of the chromed surface. The workpiece is polished to the required surface finish and exact dimensional tolerance following plating.

Crafting Resilient Surfaces

Hard chrome plating is suitable for a wide range of metals, including ferrous and most non-ferrous metals. However, magnesium and titanium typically require an underlay of zinc, copper, or nickel before hard chrome plating. Aluminum can also be hard chrome plated, although certain alloys may need an undercoat of copper or nickel. Common materials that undergo hard chrome plating include: 

steel, stainless steel, CAST IRON, bronze, COPPER, and BRASS.

 As for applications, hard chrome plating is commonly used for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder rods, stages, barrels, swivel posts, pump shafts, geared shafts, splined shafts, downhole tools, and inside diameter bores.

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Zinc and Zinc Dichromate Plating

Northern Industrial Plating specializes in zinc plating, also known as zinc electroplating or zinc galvanization, with the primary goal of preventing corrosion. In this process, the metal part is immersed in a zinc solution, and an electrical current is applied, resulting in a thin layer of zinc on the metal surface.

The benefits of zinc plating include:

Increased Strength

Bright zinc plating strengthens the base material, making it more durable against external factors.

Corrosion Resistance

Zinc stripping ensures materials can withstand the effects of corrosion.

Paint Compatibility

Zinc-plated steel provides an ideal surface for paint and other coatings.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The zinc plating solution improves material appearance, which can be a significant selling point.


Our welding experts take pride in their craftsmanship, tackling even the toughest jobs.


Precision Honing

Honing is a machining technique that produces a precise inner diameter (ID) surface suitable for sealing. Using a honing head with abrasive stones, it grinds a bore to achieve the desired size and surface finish. Cylinder honing corrects issues like ovality and scratches often found in repaired cylinders, while also ensuring a consistent bore size with the appropriate clearance.

Maximum Honing Length
Maximum Inside Diameter
Minimum Inside Diameter
Tolerance Achievable
Typical Surface Finish

as requested
as requested

Saskatoon's Best

Complete Machine Shop

Our facility offers on-site custom machining and repair services. Our expertise spans a wide range, from brazing, machining glands and pistons to fabricating and repairing cylinder rods, tubes, and other hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder components. Our specialty lies in reverse engineering existing cylinders when the original manufacturer is no longer available or when drawings are inaccessible. Additionally, we maintain a substantial inventory of standard shafting sizes, including 1045, IHCP, and hard chrome variants. Whether it’s manufacturing or repairing industrial equipment and components, count on us for quality craftsmanship and expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The durability of hard chrome plating varies based on the specific application and environmental conditions it encounters. Typically, it enhances the wear resistance of the underlying material by a factor of 2 to 10 times. 

Multiple hard chrome plating processes are possible for a piece, provided that the underlying base metal remains in good condition.

No, we do not specialize in automative parts. 

Our repair services cover a wide range of cylinders, from small pin-lock cylinders to 40-foot-long multi-stage cylinders.

This is dependant upon the extent of the repairs, the accessibility of parts and materials, and our present workload. Inquire with our inside sales team about delivery expediting alternatives.

Yes, most cylinder rods and stages can be straightened. Sometimes we come across rods that are to large in diameter and length or made of unfitting material to be be straightened.

Yes! We’re here to help.

Yes. For most cylinder repairs, we recommend honing the barrel. This process removes light scratches and ovality, ensuring optimal seal performance. Keep in mind that honing can address deeper scratches, but if the clearance becomes too great, additional work or replacement of the piston and gland may be necessary.