We have built our business on the foundation of meeting and satisfying the metal plating and finishing needs of a wide range of manufacturers, large and small. We meet the challenge of your specific plating and finishing problems with the combined strength of our staff’s knowledge and state-of-the-art process and testing capabilities.Northern Industrial Plating - Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome

Industrial Hard Chrome plating is applied on bearing surfaces, seal areas, cylinder shafts, pins, chipper knives, seal rings and many other different items. It is also used to build up, repair and increase the life of the part. Most pieces are polished after plating, however some parts need to be ground. We are capable of doing both procedures in our facility.

Hard Chrome provides a hardness and a resistance to corrosion and wear. Hard chrome is ideal for parts that are subject to friction, corrosion and high temperatures. Hard Chrome is used on tools, dies, shafts, machine parts and much more.

Zinc Plating

Zinc plating, zinc chromate and dichromate plating are valuable tools when used to combat the corrosion of steel. The zinc corrodes before the steel does, sacrificing itself for the benefit of the steel. Chromate conversion coatings are available to enhance the zinc coating and to provide a choice of color-coding.

  • zinc chromate (silver)
  • zinc dichromate (gold)
  • ASTM B633-Type II Standard prevents rust

    Treated ZincThe zinc plating of metals can be divided into two groups. These groups are:

  • Barrel
  • Rack
  • Barrel Plating is used when the plating is done inside of a perforated barrel, and the barrel is rotated to even the plating. It is mainly used in the plating of small diverse objects, devoid of sharp and long edges that tend to plate badly.

    Rack Plating is used for plating objects that are too heavy, too large, or too complicated to barrel plate. These can vary from small things such as keyholes, to large rollers. Most rack plating set-ups, are made up of copper rods, that conduct electricity very well, and are very durable. The objects are clipped to this copper rack and then put in to the electrolyte solution. The placement of the copper rack in the solution is crucial because if the rack is placed incorrectly, the plating may be lop-sided and uneven.

    Decorative Treatment

    Decorative Plating

    Nickel: We provide nickel plating for your decorative and protective nickel needs, with plating on steel, copper, and brass. We can nickel plate everything from stained glass, spurs and load cells.

    General Plating Information